HanKee Processing Sdn.Bhd.
Supply of Fresh and Halal Chicken
Product List
Product Chicken
Whole Chicken ( with Head & Feet )
Whole Chicken (without Head & Feet)
Whole Chicken Cut Pieces
Spring Chicken
Old Chicken
Kampung Chicken
Mini Kampung Chicken (1 kg below)
Black Chicken
Chicken Whole Leg
Chicken Drumstick
Whole Leg (Boneless)(with Skin)
Whole Leg (Boneless)(without Skin)
Chicken Breast (with Skin)
Chicken Breast (without Skin)
Chicken Breast with Wing
Chicken Breast with Bone
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wing 2 joint /Wing Tengah
Product Chicken
Chicken Thigh
Chicken Bone
Chicken Liver
Chicken Gizzard
Chicken Feet
Boneless Feet
Chicken Fat
Chicken Skin
Chicken Minced Meat No Fat
Chicken Boxing
Chicken Drummet
Chicken Fillet
Chicken Rib
Chicken Keel
Whole Duck
Duck Whole Leg
Duck Breast

*We accepted all walk-in customer, cash on delivery and credit term.