HanKee Processing Sdn.Bhd.
Supply of Fresh and Halal Chicken
Products Process
  • Factory Site

    HanKee is a chicken processing factory complete with manufacturing machine, infrastructure and hygiene system.

  • Hygiene and Safety

    Trained workers will be given uniform suit the condition to work in the processing site to apply hygiene and safety system.

  • Slaughtering Process

    Before slaughtering, an inspection on physical condition such as any sign of disease, bruises will be carried out. Only good condition live bird chicken will be slaughtered.

    Selected live bird chickens is hanging up overturned and go through the water bath stunner machine in a specific voltage of calming it, thereafter the slaughtering started.

  • Inspection whole clean chicken

    Machine will function of removing the entire feather and trained workers are doing the checking on each clean chicken to make sure every process is deliver on the chicken.

  • Packaging

    Well process clean chicken will now send to the processing room to do all the cut off parts, diffreciate size and packaging.

  • Freezer

    Clean chicken will be store in freezer room to make sure the freshness and quality is in good condition.

  • Refrigerated truck

    Refrigerated truck will be uses for the delivery to make sure chicken send out to the consumer in freshness and avoid exposing to the heat.

Halal, strict inspection, safety and hygiene system are apply on all the process to make sure chickens to be delivered to consumer in good condition.